Responsive Planning

Planning is individual to each centre as it is to each child. Environments, staffing structures, buildings and local culture all have an impact on how we plan for children’s learning.

Planning for every child involves creating rich, challenging and meaningful learning experiences, building on their individual talents and needs. At Redwood Childcare planning starts with the child, involves skilful observations and assessment, takes account of the principles of design within Curriculum for Excellence and Pre Birth to Three and considers the experiences and outcomes in order to develop and support every child’s needs.

The responsive planning model we use at Redwood Childcare is split into two parts: an adult initiated and child initiated topics. Adult initiated activities are concerned with potential learning where you may have specific learning intentions in mind when selecting resources. Child-initiated activities are where children have time and space to indulge in play which is freely chosen and self-directed. In high-quality play scenarios, you will see a wealth of language and communication, social interactions, sharing, negotiating, compromising, emotional involvement, mathematics and scientific application, physical manipulation and creative imagination.

It is important that we recognise that planning and assessment is a process, not an end result, that is neither limited nor driven by paperwork, but is part of an ethos of ensuring quality experiences and environments for children in order that they develop into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.


Working together to inspire our children to excel in everything they do, to become confident, respected and valued members of our nursery, our community and our environment. To prepare children for life long success.


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