Pioneers Room (3 – 5 years)

A bright and stimulating environment welcomes you to the Pioneers Room along with a friendly and dedicated staff team.

Our room consists of a range of exciting and stimulating areas that are changed and developed regularly to reflect the learning needs and interests of our children.  We aim to enable each child to develop into a Confident Individual, a Responsible Citizen, a Successful Learner and an Effective Contributor by promoting children’s independence and confidence and by encouraging their decision making and problem-solving skills.

Our children also have access to the outdoor decking area and to our garden which encourages investigation, exploration and risk-taking.

In the Pioneers Room, we value an active approach to learning and our daily routine reflects this through the promotion of a balance of responsive, planned, purposeful and spontaneous play.


Working together to inspire our children to excel in everything they do, to become confident, respected and valued members of our nursery, our community and our environment. To prepare children for life long success.


Redwood Childcare The Strand, 2 Redwood Court, East Kilbride G74 5PF. Tel: 01355 574944